Twine, Stitch, Weave

Twine, stitch, weave is an experimental series of handwoven vessels and forms, developed through an ongoing investigation into weaving techniques and materials.

The series explores the use of various materials including silk, cotton, raffia and jute, as well as Australian native plants, and common house plants including Nephrolepis ssp. and Dracaena ssp.

Many of the techniques explored have been learned from Indigenous Australian fibre artists and weavers.

The aim of the series is to develop a deeper knowledge of weaving techniques and to investigate locally available weaving materials to consider their potential applications across object design, ceramics and furniture.string-hands

fern-detailfern-+-dracaenadracaena-basedetailraffia-basketjute-ballraffia-bangle-2fern-flatweavefern-flatweave-cuImages © Keaton Stewart 2013

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