The Lazy Season

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The Lazy Season

Designed by Ben Elbourne, Sarah Spackman and Harriet Watts of The Fortynine Studio, with designer Carly Vickers, and Georgina Reid of The Planthunter

Made by hand at The Fortynine Studio workshop in Sydney, Australia using local terracotta clay and featuring cast bronze prop




Exclusively available in Australia through The Fortynine Studio Online Store, and at Loose Leaf in Melbourne


Ben Elbourne, Sarah Spackman and Harriet Watts of The Fortynine Studio, together with Carly Vickers, have collaborated with The Planthunter founder and landscape designer Georgina Reid to create the Lazy Season.

The Lazy Season is a hemispherical self-watering pot that comes with a bronze prop to enable the pot to be placed at any angle. As the sun moves through the sky seasonally, the angle of the pot can be adapted so the plant can follow it. Circular coloured areas at the base of the pot reference the changes in the sun’s angle between summer and winter. The internal water reservoir is separated by a removable wicking floor, meaning there’s no need for a saucer.

This highly resolved and very beautiful object is more than just a plant pot. It can be used indoors and out, placed on an angle or not, and turned like a lazy susan. It can even be used as the perfect fruit bowl, paperweight and trivet set (if you happen to kill your plant!). The Lazy Season is an extremely adaptable and wondrous thing.

Made by hand at The Fortynine Studio in Sydney, there will be a limited edition of just 49 pots made, so get in quick! Handwritten edition numbers along with The Fortynine Studio and The Planthunter makers marks feature on the wicking floor of each pot.

The Lazy Season is available in 6 colourways through The Fortynine Studio Online Store, at Small Spaces in Sydney, and at Loose Leaf in Melbourne.

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Images 1, 6-7: © Andy Lewis

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