Raw Collection

Designed by The Fortynine Studio for Jardan.

Made by hand at The Fortynine Studio using local stoneware


Available exclusively through Jardan in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia


Raw is an exclusive range of bowls, plates and serving platters designed and developed by The Fortynine Studio for Australian furniture company Jardan.

Made in our Sydney studio, each piece is molded, painted and finished by hand meaning no two pieces are exactly alike. The range is available in four colours and is suitable for serving, dining and decorative use.

For enquiries contact info@jardan.com.au

raw_pastaplate_01-960x570 raw_pastaplate_04-960x570raw_smallbowl_06-960x570raw_rectangular-platter_warmgrey_02-960x570 raw_rectangular-platter_02-960x570 raw_servingplatter_icymorn-960x570 raw_servingplatter_warmgrey_02-960x570 raw_tableware_01-960x570 raw_tableware_03-960x570 raw_tableware_04-960x570

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