Epicormic Light

Epicormic Light is a floor lamp with a large handspun copper shade and features a timber and copper joint that allows the piece to cantilever. Made from native Australian timbers, copper and concrete, the light is a warm and welcoming feature piece in any interior environment.

The design was developed from Epicormic Clamp designed by Harriet Watts as part of the Bushfire Collection by The Fortynine Studio.

The clamp explored the idea of adaptable and quick assemble furniture using standard and readily available materials for our temporary and changing interior spaces. It took inspiration from the new growth that occurs on many Australian tree species after fire. This epicormic growth stems from buds that often lie protected underneath the thick layer of bark.

The light was informed by these ideas. We developed the by using materials and forms that would build on this story and allow the piece to be simply and locally made.

The piece is predominantly made, assembled and finished at The Fortynine Studio, and uses local makers for some components where necessary.

epicormic-light_1-960px epicormic-light_2-960px

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