Belgenny Farm Milkpans

Belgenny Farm, a historical agricultural property in Camden, approached The Fortynine to do a custom project, developing and making an interpretation of an early settler milkpan based on historical information.

The Belgenny Farm Trust are restoring The Creamery to create an interpretation centre that tells the story of dairy production from the early settler period until today. Here, the milkpans will be on display as objects and used to show school groups and other visitors how cream was separated from the milk for the production of butter.

The milkpans are based on archaeological fragments from the National Museum of Australian Pottery, and archaeological analysis and records from the Brickfield Hill area in Sydney. This area is just down the road from our studio, near where Haymarket is today.

The pans were made by hand in our studio, employing traditional materials and methods. We developed a food safe glaze that is similar in colour and opacity to the original lead based glaze.

These were common objects during the early settlement period, and were later replaced by metal pans as manufacturing processes advanced in Australia.


If you would like to commission a milkpan, please email us at info[at]

Belgenny Milkpan_1 Belgenny Milkpan_2 Belgenny Milkpan_3

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