About Us

The Fortynine is an object design studio with a focus on making and materiality. Our work has strong references to the natural Australian landscape and uses local materials. We make things for everyday use. We aim to foster good local design as an alternative to mass produced, commercial products.

Our practice involves developing work for exhibition, production and sale. We develop our own work, take commissions, do custom projects, and collaborate with other designers. By experimenting with new ideas, materials and processes we push the boundaries of design and craft.

We have produced commissions for organisations such as the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, and Object: Australian Design Centre, and collaborated with designers such as Jardan, Eastern Weft, Sarah K of The Other Hemisphere, and The Planthunter.

The Fortynine Studio is made up of designers Ben Elbourne and Harriet Watts.

For all enquiries please email info[at]thefortynine.com.au


The Fortynine

Our name is a reference to small scale and local manufacture, and more loosely, the handmade. Under Australian law, forty-nine is the maximum number of objects that can be made where the design is protected by copyright. Once a multiple of 50 is made a design is considered mass manufactured.